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Automation is fun!

current background image: silver.jpg

A drawing for my silver video, a rearrangement of two Hollow Knight and Celeste soundtracks.

what is this?

This is my personal website, created as a record / repository of my various projects and experiments.

And there are a lot of them.

technical details

The premise of this project was the creation of a website showcasing current projects while requiring minimal maintenance.


This entire venture runs on a spare Raspberry Pi.


The core website and backend were created using node.js and typescript.

The main script reads from the filesystem and a JSON file containing project details.

For each project I store:

A rudimentary command-line application was written to update these.

Many of my longer posts (primarily writing, notes, etc) are written in markdown files, via various editors. My personal favourite is Typora, a WYSIWYG editor with Latex (MathJax) support. A script on the server listens for file changes, and uses pandoc to convert them to HTML.

This way, I can remotely write and edit text files (like this post!) from any network-connected device, with changes being applied to the website in real-time.

other features?



just quality-of-life stuff


Could Wordpress/Github Pages/etc have been used for this?


Would it be faster/easier/more scalable/more effective?

Almost definitely.

Are you doing this anyway?


Because jokes aside, it’s inherently more interesting. A learning experience regarding UNIX systems, web design and frameworks, etc. Besides, having more direct control over my files and automation potential is always a good thing.

You sound like you’re just trying to convince yourself.


Thank you for taking the time to visit. :)