Eulogies / JoR-CoT (2020)

This memorial dedicated to those who perished on the climb.
Through their sacrifice Hallownest lasts eternal.

A fanmade arrangement / mashup of Hollow Knight's City of Tears (by Christopher Larkin), and Celeste's Joy of Remembrance (by Lena Raine).

This project took quite a bit of effort, as I knew I wanted to blend a piece from either soundtrack but their styles are rather incongruous. These two both have a melancholy yet slightly uplifting note so I thought they could perhaps fit. The 'style' was borrowed primarily from City of Tears while the overall melody is that of Joy of Remembrance.


Silver / Golden-WP (2021)

To witness secrets sealed, one must endure the harshest punishment.
The way I see it, the Mountain can't bring out anything that isn't already in you.

With the five whole upvotes the previous arrangement received in the Hollow Knight Reddit, I decided I'd give it another try.

A fanmade arrangement / mashup of Hollow Knight's White Palace (by Christopher Larkin), and Celeste's Golden (by Lena Raine).

Given how incompatible these nevertheless grandiose and tragic pieces are, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. But this arrangement was significantly more ambitious by its predecessor, with a lot more flexibility in terms of how the themes were used. Some may like it; some may not. I like it.